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Looking for the best skin in your life for the big day? Regardless of your needs - brighter, clearer, smoother, softer, even-toned, or re-energized skin - Monroe's customizable bridal skin packages are designed to help you reach your specific skin goals. Our treatment plans can also be tailored to fit your timeline before the wedding day.

How does it work?

"My wedding is in 3 months, is it too late to start?"

We get questions like this all the time. It is never too late to start​ - we will adjust our goals and package content depending on the time you have pre-wedding.


We start all bridal treatment packages with a personalized skin consultation. Consultation appointments can be made online here with a deposit. Our bridal skincare treatment options support a variety of skincare goals, including:

  • Hydration

  • Brightening

  • Minimizing acne scarring

  • Improving skin texture

  • Clearing hyperpigmentation

  • Improving skin complexion


Our skin professionals can guide you to the specific package that matches your skin goals and timeline. You are also welcome to purchase our packages directly online if you know exactly what you want!​

How far ahead do I need to start the package?

Cost varies depending on skincare goals and package length. On average, our bridal packages cost averages to $125-$250/month. Visit our Bridal Package store for more information, or fill out the form below!

Bridal Skin Care

Personalized Wedding Skin Prep

Tell us more about you and your skin goals for the big day!

DiamondGlow + Dermaplaning

For an everlasting glow, extra hydration, and smoother makeup application. 

The highlight of our Hydrating & Brightening package is DiamondGlow and Dermaplaning. The former is designed to remove skin congestion and reveal more radiant skin, and the latter is a perfect pairing to remove superficial dead skin and peach fuzzy for a brighter and smoother look.

This is our most flexible package - you can start the package any time between 3 - 12 months before the big day!

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